Visual Inheritance


North Carolina Wedding Photographers

Our generation, the generation that is getting married today is among the first who's great great grand children are going to be able to see almost every part of our lives documented with hundreds of thousands of images and clips. 

Your wedding day will become your children's visual inheritance. What do you want to show them? What are all the things that make up who you and your partner are together?


Our passion is weddings

It seems that anything that can happen, usually happens at weddings, for better or for worse. I believe life is made up of both the good and the bad. I live for the good, but the bad stuff usually ends up making for great stories later. So I if your nephew for some reason decides to bum rush the cake and knock it over (God forbid, but it's happened) I want to be there to document all of it! 


The most creative photos that get taken at weddings 90% of the time are the result of experimentation. Part of your wedding is an experiment, does that scare or excite you?