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Five14 Revolution is a non-profit that reaches out to women working in some of our city’s most vulnerable - exotic night clubs. We recognize that the women working in these clubs are extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Our mission is to show them the joyful hope, unconditional love and redemptive power of Jesus.

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This is my most recent project I've just completed, It was cool to be able to flow from a cinematic hijacking scenario into a polished promotional segment. Putting it together was a great learning experience. Make sure you watch it in HD








David's Trasformation (The Father)


This is really more of a Blog post for what I've been up to than it is an example of my portfolio. I've had the privilege of knowing this family for years and this video is the result of a growing relationship that's affected me deeply. I now train with David Calhoun Jr. and I've watched the positive impact he's had on everyone around him, Including myself!

I hope you enjoy the video, its the third of three so far. To see the older videos, the links are below.



David Calhoun Jr. was nearly 330 pounds and severely obese when he entered a Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store for the very first time. He said the day he walked into that store in Wilmington, NC and met Max Muscle Franchisee, Artie Quaranta was the day that he will remember literally saved his life.

Since that time, David has lost over 100 pounds, dropped close to 30% of his body fat and added several pounds of lean muscle in the process, winning the 2013 Max Formation Contest. - MaxMuscle.com 

Of the people watching the process of David's life change, His Father David Calhoun Sr. had a front row seat. Watching David Jr. inspired him to enter the contest the following year to support his son's continuing process and to add years to his own life. With a small rivalry that had developed between father and son, David Sr's results are jaw dropping. 

This video is the third of hopefully many that I will make to document this family's journey. To see the first two videos of David Jr, click the links below. 

David's Transformation:

David Calhoun - My Max Muscle Experience

Music in this video used with permission:
Song - Night Kites
Artist - My Cats a Stargazer
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