PRicing Guide

If you've arrived at this page, it means you are interested in hiring me to document one of the most important and intimate days of your life. This is an incredible honor that I don't take lightly.

Your Wedding images are a visual inheritance

An inheritance you'll be sharing with your children and their children



Coverage begins 2 hours before the ceremony and goes until the end of the reception

There are always 2 of us that show up to your wedding, myself and a lighting assistant, unless you book a second shooter with us, in which case there would be three of us :)

PACKAGE 1: $2875

  • 8 Hours of Wedding Coverage

  • 400-800 Image Portfolio 

  • Printable High Resolution Digital Negatives

  • Personal Website Gallery, Hosting and Zip File

  • Online Slideshow Featuring Your Wedding

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PACKAGE 2: $3450

  • Engagement session (Specific to Wilmington NC)

  • Unlimited Hours of Wedding Coverage (I show up when you do and Leave when you do)

  • No Limit on the # of Images Delivered

  • Printable High Resolution Digital Negatives

  • Personal Website Gallery, Hosting and Zip File

  • Online Slideshow Featuring Your Wedding

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a la carte


Additional Hour of Coverage - $250

Pre-Wedding Session (Engagement Session) - $500

Rehearsal Dinner 

  • 1 Hours of coverage the day before your wedding - $350

  • 2 Hours of coverage - $500

  • 3 Hours of coverage - $600

Bridal Session - $595

  • 2 Hours of Session Time

  • 50-120 Image Portfolio

  • Hangable 12"x18" Canvas Wrap

  • Printable High Resolution Digital Negatives

  • Personal Website Gallery, Hosting and Zip File

  • Online Slideshow Featuring your Session

  • B&W Versions of Every Image

Second Shooter - $600

  • Works as long as I do

  • All of their images are edited and delivered by me


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Wedding Slideshow

Your wedding slideshow will be the first thing you receive and the first place you get to view your wedding images. Your memories paired with your favorite songs are a great and very emotional way to remember your day and share with those closest to you. Your wedding slideshow is a highlight reel from your wedding and includes about 30% of the final finished product that you receive shortly after in your online gallery. 

Description of Services



We love traveling for weddings. I say "we" because if there's travel involved with a wedding then my wife is almost always the assistant I bring with me :) 

We've included Travel in our packages for any wedding within 2-3 hours of Wilmington NC.If you're getting married outside of the Carolina's just let me know and we can work something out :)

Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are the best place for you to become familiar with my shooting and directing style. Everything I just said about portraits on your wedding day applies to these sessions. They are my favorite because we have 2 hours of unrestrained time to focus on creating and capturing something beautiful. As much as I love all forms of photography, couples are my favorite thing to shoot because the subject is not just you or your fiancé, its the connection between the two of you. 

Wedding Day Coverage

The coverage of your wedding is divided into three categories: Moments, Formals, and Portraits

Moments take up the majority of the day, It's where I'm mainly "behind the scenes" waiting to capture moments before they happen, I get around a lot for these and quite often you would think that there was more than one photographer at weddings where it was only me. 

Second Shooter

A second photographer present on your wedding day offers a different visual perspective to tell the story of your day. It also helps when you need coverage in two places at the same time. I work with other established professional photographers who's work I've approved. 

Formals take the least amount of time as they are designated in between the ceremony and the "Fun" part of the wedding day :) These are important so I do not neglect them. I value when appropriate time is given for me to capture your family. After all, everyone is together in one place, at one time, which is often a once in a lifetime event.  These are definitely the photos that will be hanging on mom's wall. 

Terms & Policies

Ordering of prints and other products with the exception of Albums is done via our online shopping cart system. I accept Visa and MasterCard. All Images remain the property of Michael Escobar Photography. Prices and products are subject to change.

Email for additional details. 

Portraits! Can I call portraits my favorite? It seems unfair given how much I love the entire wedding process. But portraits are where magic happens. Here I get the opportunity to capture your first intimate interactions as newlyweds. I am more hands on, giving light direction but also leaving room for you to be yourselves. My goal is to  capture the unique essence of your love and emotion. If that is something that excites you, we'll be a perfect fit.

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