I'm so excited for you guys and am honored to be the one to capture one of the biggest days of your life!!!

Wedding Party Party

But before that happens I get to spend 2 hours with you guys photographing my favorite thing!

Your Engagement session!!!

Perfect couple engagement.jpg

When prepping for your engagement session there are a couple things to keep in mind,

This is a time to have fun! 

This is a shoot with no pressure. It's a chance for us to get to know each other, for you to get comfortable with how I work. Your wedding day will be crunch time with little time to chat about the weather, but at your engagement session we have time to hangout and make art for your wall. 

1. Outfits : Most couples have two outfits, one casual and one that is dressier. The BEST advice I can give about outfit selection would be to try to coordinate instead of matching. Try to stay away from really tiny patterns, they won’t show up in your images.  Also, bold jewelry, scarves, and colored shoes photograph really well, if your into that sort of thing ;) Just do you and get comfortable!

2. Relax & Be You : I work with normal, everyday couples all the time, so by no stretch of the imagination do I expect you to be a pro :)  I hardly ever work with models. I love stretching reality and making larger than life images, but I equally love capturing authentic moments marked by the connection between you and your fiancé. It usually takes a good 10-15 minutes to warm up at the beginning of your shoot. So relax and don’t be nervous. I'll pose you a bit but also give you room to flirt.  If we take our time and experiment, we'll have an amazing shoot!

Downtown Night Portraits
Epic Sunset

3. Location, Location, Location: Two hours gives us a good amount of time so I like to shoot in at least two locations. (That's why its also cool to bring two or more outfits)

Engagement Session in a Bar

4. The Best Time: My favorite time of day to shoot is typically either just after sunrise or an hour and a half before sunset. If we shoot within that timeframe we get what everyone calls "Golden Hour" and when you see the creamy skin tones and vivid landscapes you see why its called that. I say an hour and a half before sunset though because once the sun goes down we can shoot a few night portraits. Shooting at night is awesome, because I have complete control over where and how I shape the light. You can also discover some neat light sources that you can't use when the sun is out :)

Engagement portraits by a fountain
Night Portrait
Golden Hour

That's pretty much it!

If reading this inspired any questions, you know how to get up with me :) 

Lets have an awesome shoot!!!

Engagement photos in an arcade
Prisming in Downtown Wilmington
Super Cool Engagement Portrait
Photos in a Photo Booth
Light and Shadow
Hiding behind the curtains