Trip to Tulum Mexico

This is us


We have a nugget who we love more than we ever thought we could love something and she's quite literally the cutest ever, and neither of us are biased at all when we say that...

Things I geek out about: Super hero movies, Star Wars, all things cameras, Apple Products, Flip-flops in cold weather, Nintendo and Tacos

I studied Music in college and now I shoot people for a living :) I love people and I love making things, particularly awesome things.

Erin (the wifey) doesn't really "geek out" like I do but she loves: food, making food, coffee, our chihuahua bruiser, wedding gowns, and her husband ;) 

Penelope: (Our Nugget) Loves mangos, hiking, sleeping, being carried, being thrown up and down, and woof-woofs (dogs)

Here's a little glimpse into our recent life: